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Launcelot of the Lake

The Journal and Art of Dexter Fabi

Dexter Fabi

Photograph I took of a violinist near the Île Saint-Louis during my trip to Europe.

All images copyright Dexter Fabi © 2011-2017, all rights reserved.

Exhibitions of my work:
The Liz Long Gallery, Chicago, IL, June 2013
Thomas' Photographic Services, Homewood, IL, November & December, 2013
The Fulton Street Gallery, Chicago, IL, January 2014
Capricon Art Show, Wheeling, IL, February 2014
Echoes of Chicago Art Showcase, Chicago, IL, March 2014
DucKon Art Show, Wheeling, IL, June 2014
Installation Art Collaboration Conducted by Perry Chen, Chicago, IL, August 2014
Winkie Convention Art Show, San Diego, CA, August 2014
Deer Path Art Gallery, Lake Forest, IL, August & September, 2014
The Liz Long Gallery, Chicago, IL, September 2014
Windycon Art Show, Lombard, IL, November 2014
The Subterra Gallery, Chicago, IL, December 2014
Capricon Art Show, Wheeling, IL, February 2015
15th Annual SEA Conference, Lisle, IL, February 2015
Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin, IL, July 2015
Lovegun Art Show, New York City, NY, November 2015
Windycon Art Show, Lombard, IL, Autumn 2015
Capricon Art Show, Wheeling, IL, February 2016
Morgan's on Fulton, Chicago, IL, February 2016
Phoenix Manhattan Art Show, New York City, NY, April 2016
Worldcon Art Show, Kansas City, MO, August 2016
Windycon Art Show, Lombard, IL, Autumn 2016
Capricon Art Show, Wheeling, IL, February 2017

Upcoming exhibitions of my work:
Morgan's on Fulton, Chicago, IL, March 2017

Recipient of The Best 3D Artwork Award for the DucKon Art Show, June 2014
Recipient of The Best 3D Pro Award for the Windycon Art Show, Autumn 2014
First Place in The Waukegan Public Library's Ray Bradbury Creative Contest for Visual Art, June 2015
Recipient of The Best 3D Jewelry Award for the Windycon Art Show, Autumn 2015
Recipient of The Best 3D Jewelry Award for the Windycon Art Show, Autumn 2016
Recipient of The Best Professional Artist Award for the Capricon Art Show, February 2017

Authored Publications:
Fabi, Dexter M., "Team Teaching and Strategies in the Classroom Setting." Kobunsha Magazine. March 1998 issue. Print.
Fabi, Dexter M., "Will Vinton Returns to Oz: An Interview with the Creator of the Nome King's World." The Baum Bugle. Winter 2005. Print.
Fabi, Dexter M., "For Emerick, 1914." Kilter Magazine. Summer 2010 issue. Print.
Fabi, Dexter M., "Winged." Kilter Magazine. 2016 issue. Print.

Giclées of any artwork on this site are available upon request. Requests can be directed to clamourer (at) yahoo (dot) com.

The Fabi Coat of Arms according to V. and H. V. Rolland's Illustrations to the Armorial Général of Johannes Rietstap. Heraldic tinctures: Or and Argent.

All images are the exclusive property of Dexter Fabi (except where stated otherwise) and are protected under international copyright treaties. They are made available for your personal viewing enjoyment only. The artwork may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way without the prior express written permission of Dexter Fabi or arrangement thereof.

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