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Winner in the Waukegan Public Library's Ray Bradbury Creative Contest
Wonderful news!  I won first prize in the Visual Art - Adult Category in the Ray Bradbury Creative Contest sponsored by the Waukegan Public Library!  I am so ecstatic!  As soon as I receive the award certificate, I'll post a photo of me with it.  I'm so glad I took a chance.  They'll be updating the site soon with this year's winners.  I've always enjoyed and admired Ray Bradbury deeply, so this holds special significance for me.  I'm looking forward to seeing my painting on the library's site.

The Waukegan Public Library's Ray Bradbury Creative Contest

The Waukegan Public Library is where Ray Bradbury spent most of his boyhood years, reading and building the foundation to his imagination.  When I delivered my painting to the WPL, I was in awe that I was in the same library that Bradbury so treasured.  Bradbury's personal library has been acquired by the Waukegan Public Library and some of it will be on display in the newly remodeled WPL this summer.

C2E2 2015
C2E2 2015! I'll be at booth #1619 and have been confirmed for Friday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Saturday, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Taking your favorite character portrait commissions (Marvel, DC, pop culture, Trekker, Whovian, Thrones, literature, film, Disney, LoTR, Star Wars, rock music icons, video game, television series, etc.), drawn on archival paper with a fine vellum surface.  Also I'll be selling my handmade steampunk articles/wearable art. The McCormick Place is such a picturesque site to have a convention, I always look forward to this event.  I hope to see you and chat with everyone who visits!

The Bouquet
The Bouquet. Oil on canvas, 6"x7". Took me about three hours to paint. Main inspirations were what I saw in San Diego recently.


This Saturday
The Wheel of the Year
In just a few days, I'll be speaking at the 15th Annual SEA Conference at The Hilton in Lisle, Illinois.  I'm very excited, as it will cover the entrepreneurial side of the arts world, a rare conference indeed.  The list of presenters is also at a record level for the conference this year.

It is also the first time a painting of mine has appeared on the front cover of a print publication.  Here is the SEA Program for this year. My painting is the multihued canvas on the cover with the trees and branches, with additional On the Cover information on the Welcome page.  I'm also within the In-Kind Donors list and the list of exhibitors, so be sure to see my art and artisan pieces that will be on display.  I would very much appreciate it, of course.

It promises to be a fun time where artist professionals and emerging artists will gain deep knowledge on the inner makings of the arts scene and the arts world as a whole.

Capricon 35
The Wheel of the Year
Capricon will soon be upon us!  Capricon, in its 35th adventure, will focus on the theme of "What Does R&R Mean to You?".  Roentgen rays and Radium.  Rêvasser and Robots.  R'lyeh and Retrofuturism.  Return of the Jedi and Rumpelstiltskin.  Rutherford and Red Knight.  Romance and Rendezvous.

I hope you will be at this amazing four-day convention (the only four-day science fiction convention in all of Chicagoland, that's pretty epic) that will happen at The Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, Illinois, February the 12th to the 15th.

Here is my schedule as a panelist at this year's Capricon (also see the list of all of our wonderful panelists as well):

I, Robot - Friday, 02-13-2015 - 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm - Ravinia A
Long ago, Isaac Asimov gave us the three rules of robotics. Do these rules still hold up today? What would we come up with were we to start from scratch today?
James Dobbs, Dermot Dobson (M), Dexter Fabi, Kelly Strait

Steampunk Clothing and Costuming - Friday, 02-13-2015 - 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm - Birch A
This includes discussions of steampunk clothing and costuming, and there are variations!  We will also explore how to steampunk fashions from almost any era.
Dexter Fabi, Ariela Housman, Ananda Stevens, Linda Wenzelburger (M), Wendy Zdrodowski

Great Artists of Science Fiction - Sunday, 02-15-2015 - 10:00 am to 11:30 am - River AB (Programming - Media)
Art has always been an integral part of science fiction. The decades have given us several masters - and today more artists than ever are producing amazing work. Who are the greatest artists of science fiction thus far? Who do we think will be on that list twenty years from now?
Dexter Fabi, Alessandra Kelley, Deb Kosiba, James Plaxco (M)

Full schedule of all events at Capricon can be found here.
Link to registration for Capricon 35.
Link to the Phandemonium website.

Be a member of something of epic scale (and meet Capricious G Oat).  See you at Capricon!

15th Annual SEA Conference
Labyrinth Escher Room

My panels have just been announced for the 15th Annual Self-Employment in the Arts (SEA) Conference for February. This fun and interactive event is geared towards career development for visual, performing, literary, and media artists. If you want to make a living with your art or are looking to take your art career to the next level, I hope you will join me February the 20th and 21st at The Hilton Hotel in Lisle, Illinois for an amazing two days at the SEA Conference! Visit Self Employment in the Arts for more information and to register.

Saturday 9:15-10:15 am: 1st Steps for Starting an Artistic Business
This session will touch on the importance of researching similar artistic businesses, creating and protecting your art business identity, as well as the early legal and accounting steps you need to take. This is a basic look at what needs to be done to get started.
Panelists: Barrett Baebler, Philip Brown, Dexter Fabi, Brian Hanlon

Saturday 10:30-11-30 am: My Life in the Visual Arts
Conference Room III
Join Dexter and Elaine as they discuss the “daily grind” of their careers in the arts. What does a typical day, week, month, and year look like for them? How has this changed over the course of their careers?
Artist Presenters: Dexter Fabi and Elaine Luther

Saturday 2:15-3 pm:
Visual Arts: Approaching and working with galleries discussion led by Dexter Fabi

More about SEACollapse )

Dragon Silhouette
Books with gilded pages
Dragon Silhouette.  Acrylic on Florentine gold leaf liquid on canvas. Took about an hour to plan and paint. I've been very inspired recently. Was considering naming this piece Rorschach Dragon, since it does look like a Rorschach inkblot and the dragons that are found in the innermost persona.


The Subterra Gallery Art Show Makes ABC7 News
The Chevalier's Courtship
Subterranean echoes.  Handmade objects.  Sculpture, glass, metalwork, paper, paint, wood, canvas, found objects, fantastic fountains, and the carving of light.  The Echoes of Chicago event showcasing Chicago's top artists made the Arts & Entertainment news of ABC7 as well, and many attended for a great and benevolent cause.  Very glad to be involved with this organization because of what they stand for.

That is me in the article photo, holding the cup.


The Subterra Gallery
Labyrinth Escher Room
The HOLIDAZED 2014 event will be this Saturday night, 12/20. I visited The Subterra Gallery where it will be held, and I can confirm that it is indeed an underground gallery, in the region of a strong likelihood that the event will be an enthralling, delightfully dreamy experience. There will be four concerts by four live bands on a concert stage, live art, two of my paintings in the gallery, sculpture, 3D art, and a lot more. What my heart is glad about is that the event's proceeds will go to addressing homelessness and poverty in the Chicago area as well. It looks to be a huge event, and, clearly, all the cool people will be there! Hope you can make it!

141870938274939 II

Windycon 41
Books with gilded pages
Greetings, I hope everyone is having a lovely Autumn!  For those of you who enjoy online television media, here I am in Episode VII, Season II of The Con Men. Me and my artwork appear at 6:27 in this show covering Windycon.  I always enjoy this series, it gives an inner, vital, and innovative look into the makings of a science fiction convention.  I love that they have a presence at Capricon as well.

Windycon 41 was amazing this year, very inspiring, and I even won The Best 3-D Pro Award for the Windycon Art Show!  I can never forget the applause--I think I shall hear the pleasant reverberations eternally, a sound I can draw upon for ever and ever.  Here I am with the award (designed by artists Deb Kosiba and James Brown), the 41st recipient of The Best 3-D Pro Award in Windycon history.


P.S. 2-D art is art that exists in two dimensions (drawing and painting) and 3-D art is art that exists in three dimensions (sculpture and architecture).  This award was given for the steampunk jewelry fashion line I created.

Windcon 2014 Award for Best 3D Pro


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