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Americana Jubilee at Side Street Studio Arts
Steampunk Dirigible
Drawing near, my next exhibition will be at Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin, Illinois, an exhibit showcasing American artists and their inventiveness with cameras that hold 135 film (something in period style in our era now).  I hope you can attend the festivities this July 4, a Saturday, at 15 Ziegler Court, Elgin, Illinois.  A whole day of activity is planned, and there are sure to be delightful moments.

Americana Jubilee at Side Street Studio Arts Facebook Event

Now, as everyone knows, I primarily work in paint and graphite and focus on handmade art, so conceiving patriotic images (28 of them) to put on a roll of film without resorting to the trite has been very amusing.  I ventured to do what has not been done before in this type of media and to create thought-provoking images.  I, and hope you, are really looking forward to viewing the entire gallery of developed film and the effect it will have on viewers and visitors as well as the reactions to my perceptions of the American experience and experiment.  The history of the United States is reflected in my images, and also, with vision, the future of these great golden shores as well.

I also saw how close the gallery is to the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, of which I had the pleasure of hearing in concert some months ago, and also a street titled, entertainingly, Dexter Avenue.  The proximity is intriguing, and thought I would communicate how charmed I am about it.  The Elgin arts scene is vibrant, alive, and apparently, all the go as well.  This promises to be a thrilling exhibition celebrating our great nation, the United States of America.


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