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New York
My next art show will be in New York at Lovegun in Brooklyn, on the evening of Thursday, November 5.  This show focuses on human anatomy and the human form.  I will be present, and anticipate as well, dear reader, that you are able to make it to see some thought-provoking artwork.  There will be six pieces of mine in the show.

Being also my first New York show, it holds a deep significance.  New York is the fine arts heart, nucleus, and capital of the U.S., the convergence of the visual and performing arts of the nation.  When I think of New York, I think of Warhol, Krasner, Pollock, Rockwell, Duchamp, and so many more.

There will be mailings, press circulations, and publicity for the first week of October about the show, so I will post those here as soon as I obtain them.  It is a public event and all are welcome.  The event starts at 7 p.m. local time.

For the time being, let's amuse ourselves with an image of Anderson Cooper, journalist and author, at Lovegun.
Lovegun Anderson Cooper


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